AGF Produktion


AGF is the abbreviation Antye Greie Fuchs uses to introduces herself. She’s a singer, producer, music writer, porgrammer and electronic poet born in Eastern Germany who enjoys creating sounds through exploration of digital technology.

Her first job as AGF was “Head Slash Bauch”. With this work she wanted to translate HTML scripts and software manuals to music language shaped as electronic pop and de-constructed pop. Since then she created her own label AGF Produktion and she has got envolved in a number of projects such as AGF/Delay, The Dolls, The Lappetites, Zavoloka & AGF, …), which has led her to appear in The Wire’s front cover and awarded in the Ars Electronica festival. She has also published five works on her own some of which such as “Words are missing” o “Westernization” are fundamental to understand her evolution. Her last work “Dance floor drachen” can be directly downloaded from her website.

AGF explores a very personal kind of poetry in electronic music and she does it through pop melodies, digital glitch and modulating her own voice making her live shows a real experience beyond the music.