Alva Noto


Alva Noto



Carsten Nicolai, born in 1965 in Karl Marx’s city, is part of a generation of artists that work intensively in the traditional area between and science. As a visual artist Nicolai aims at beating the separation of man’s sensorial perception through scientific phenomena such as light and sound, both frequencies perceptible by both eyes and ears.

He experimented with sound under the Alva Noto seudonym to create his own sign code and accoustic-visual symbols for many years. Later he founded together with Olaf Bender and Frank Bretschneider Raster-Noton, probably the most outstanding label wordwide in these days, and known for developing a/v live shows where his image-sound experiments become true exercises in artistic creation. His works have always been authentic manuals in minimalism, where frequencies, glitches, sound layers and an intelligent use of image have only proved his status as an outstanding researcher in evolution of sound.

Nicolai has acted in places such as New York’s Guggenheim Museum, San Francisco’s Modern Art Museum, Pompidou Center in Paris, Kunsthaus Graz or Tate Modern among others, and has collaborated with artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto with whom he has published several works or with Byetone and Bretschneider, with who he forms the acclaimed Signal project.