Aphex Twin


Aphex Twin + Hecker

Rephlex / Warp Records + Mego


Aphex Twin, AFX, The Tuss, Polygon Window, Caustic Window, The Dice Man…. many names for the same man: Richard D. James, one of the most influential and innovative figures from the last 25 years. He grew up in Cornwall (England) where from a very early age he began to show his skills with electronic experiments, even winning a school award for playing a melody with a Spectrum and a modified TV set. In 1991 he founded Rephlex Records and released his first work, he moved to London and started an unstoppable upward career publishing his works aunder his innumerable alias on Warp Records as well as on Rephlex – from Selected Ambient Works to Druqks, including classics such as Ventolin, Come to Daddy or the Analord series. Aphex Twin’s an excentric and controversial artist, an influential personality that has gone beyond the limits of electronic underground on countless occasions by working and genius. His collaborations with Chris Cuningham, another genius, have provided some of the best audiovisual works to date: Windowlicker, Come To Daddy or Rubber Johnny are some of the works which unveil their madness and virtues.

At L.E.V. 09 he will offers us an exclusive performance for Spain with Florian Hecker. Considered one of the bests sound specialists in the world, Hecker has been working with computer music, independently and in collaboration with other artists since 1996. Hecker’s works emphasize the connection of most recent as well as historic developments in computer music, hard- and software. Often working closely together with software engineers and scientists, his recent productions incorporate psycho-acoustic effects disorientating the listener’s spatial perception in live presentations and studio works. His full length solo recording, “Sun Pandämonium”, received the Award of Distinction at the Prix Ars Electronica 2003. Together, Aphex Twin and Hecker will do a special performance with a 6.1 surround sound equipment installed specifically for their performance. Acid, IDM, techno, ambient… are some of the genres Aphex Twin masters perfectly and in which he has played and plays a fundamental role as a visionary and as an evolution booster. Surrounded by numerous legends, with thorough precision in his control of old synths and creation of new sounds and gifted with one of the most restless and creative minds in the music scene, today Aphex Twin is still creating landmarks in the boundaries of the approved music rules.