Extreme noise abuse, repetitive and enveloping rhythms, melodies’ skeletons broken by sudden discharges of wild screams. Their concerts leave a track of insane sensations and ooze a strange atmosphere of danger.

Roberto Lobo and Ernesto Avelino are Fasenuova. An original combination of noise in Spanish and Spanglish, though they always say it’s simple and pure rock n’ roll, which highlights the uniqueness of the best-known Asturiano industrial band outside Spain. Their origins go back to precocious experiences like Étika Makinal, beginning of the 80s, or Hegemonía and Goodbye in the 90s. Recordings such as “Arabian nights” (Hegemonía), about which it was said it was an act of vandalism and “Eje excéntrico del ritmo español o el nacimiento de la música sincro” (Goodbye) which will be soon re-edited in the US, have been referred to all over and are part of the most relevant works in the insane euphoric unbridled noise genre they cultivate. Their relationship with the American band Angel Dust has culminated in the edition of a total classic: the split vinyl “Split” (in Ozonokids, the label driven by the prolific Arnau Sala (Les Aus), with whom they prepare several projects). The 2007 Spain/Portugal tour together with Angel Dust and their dissolute performance in last year’s Primavera Sound have only made the legend bigger.