Juan Rayos


Juan Rayos


A real-time working video-jockey, assembling non-narrative visual structures from a wide loop gallery. He works with material he records himself and also with borrowed material he distorts and edits, altering its interpretation. Images flow with music, synchronizing or offering a plastic counterpoint depending on the space and sound.

He has screened in clubs like LeClub, Latex, Hossegor, La Fulop, JAM, Ateneo… and has worked as resident in Hoss and in Biscuit, Valencia. He’s also taken part in festivals such as Lux 2006, FAME06, Observatori 2004 y 2005, Fusion04 / IVAM , Este05, Optica Festival, Ataloencorto 2007, Cicle SON1V1S10… and exhibited in Galeria My Name is Lolita (Madrid), La Sala Naranja (Valencia), Videoart Center (Tokio), Cultura VJ (Córdoba), Loop 2007 (Barcelona).

He was a member of Cube, Playing Ameba, Casielena or the Camara project, creating visuals for a string quartet with a classical music repertoire. He is currently preparing a set fot the Ensems Festival in Valencia, where he’ll perform the work Kontacte in homage to Stockhausen. He’s a got a qualified technician in photography, and has a specialists degree in sound and image and a diploma on video and TV through Alicante university.