Sending Orbs


Kettel, born in Groningen (Holland) in 1982 and who is nowadays considered a cult producer, is Reimer Eising’s alias. He’s well-known for his frisky and spontaneous melodies, his blend of IDM and smiley acid and organic sounds which makes him close to artists such as Aphex Twin o Jega. He’s also often compared with prestigious projects like The Black Dog or Plaid.

Kettel has performed live frequently in Holland (where he comes from) including the Virus Festival in Eindhoven, the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival in Rotterdam, Eurosonic or Noorderzon, and he is currently considered one of the artists with most exposure around. He has also collaborated in several remixing projects and compilations on his numerous music labels. He debuted at a young age with his Dreim (2001) album in the American Kracfive label. From then onwards, his unstoppable and steady evolution have led him to release his masterpieces on labels such as Neo Ouija, Planet Mu, Sending Orbs o Merck summing up 9 records in all, and proving being skilled for hits and that his ever-growing talent may have no limit. “Myam James part. 1” saw the light some months ago announcing a second part and becoming perfect proof of how to use a TB-303 to create a perfect melodic IDM album.