Bpitch Control


In 2003 the “Auf Kosten der Gesundheit” ep was released on Bpitch Control authored by a then unknown and promising project called Moderat. Soon after, those involved in that ep began to revolutionize the scene individually – Modeselektor released two albums where their view of the dancefloor delighted half of the world’s audience: “Hello mom!” and “Happy birthday” are handbooks on dancefloor electronica where IDM, glitches, hip hop, miami bass, techno and new rave blend to show what a good party must sound like, their live performances are explosive and their exposure shoots up by touring with Radiohead and Björk. On his side, Apparat begins an unstoppable career where “Orchestra of bubbles”, together with Ellen Allien, and “Walls” ,solo, are his main legacies: abstract electronica and pop sensitivity each work at 50% and making him a permanent figure in practically all the festivals and clubs.

6 years after that ep and consolidating their careers completely by reassuring themselves among the group of artists that today have a lot to say in the future evolution of electronica, Sasha Ring, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary lock themselves up in the mythical Hansa Studios in Berlin in search for the inspiration of the Heroes’ Bowie and surrounded by analog gear to record “Moderat”, their final production where together they will design the perfect sound.

Side by side with them Pfadfinderei, one of the best-known visual projects worldwide and responsible of Bpitch Control’s image, will be in charge of designing this super-group’s visual support. With them the team is complete and Moderat thus rightfully becomes one of the most long-awaited audiovisual projects in the last years.