Nathan Fake


Nathan Fake

Border Community


In 2006 Nathan Fake debuted on LP format with “Drowning In a Sea Of Love”, a treaty of electronic sensitiveness with which he was trying to convey such clear and pure moments of happines as the ones he felt as a child. With this album the laptop genius was going another step further taking a gamble on dance music from the perspective of post-rock or shoegazing where clear references from Boards of Canada to Mogwai fitted in together with his characteristic drones and bubbling bleeps, and above all, with a clear melodic and harmonic far-sightedness which only set even more the characteristic sound with which he became popular.

With his first work for Border Community, “Outhouse”, a true sonic 8-minute fire, Nathan stood out for his evocative capacity in a tunnel of resonance and echoes which he would develop and perfect in future works. His next affair with Holden’s label would be the lyrical, onyric and emotional “The Sky Was Pink”, in a thrilling and tear-jerking James Holden remix which became LA’s 2004 track of the year and a cult track until nowadays.

To this discography small pearls such as the “Dinamo” EP for the German label Traum must be added, or his “Issst” remix, originally from the German Tiefschwarz. An priveleged pupil of Boards of Canada and of all elelectronica with sense and sensibility, Nathan Fake has stopped being one of the biggest upcoming talents worlwide to become an undenable reality. At LEV he will offer a devastating dance-oriented live show.