Eduardo and Raúl Acosta have been experimenting for 10 years with distorted beats, searching for soundscapes and experimentation. The best-known Marseille- hip hop references and groups like NAP, Group Home or Infamous Mobb impact the duo strongly and will influence the Normaa project intensely. Classic dub will also find its place in its sound foundations.

Later knowledge acquired about the Internet and multimedia arouses the interest in error, glitch and noise. At the same time, Raúl Acosta begins a career in the fields of digital video, animation, post-production and computer-generated imagery.

In 2003, Raúl and Eduardo combine skills and interests in a duo where audio and video work at the same level. Normaa. is an audio-visual project characterized by the live developments of their actions, where the wrong working of contemporary society is a constant reference. A captivating project which will unfurl its visual discourse in L.E.V., a discourse full of social references and spotlessly carried out.