Words, poetry and sound


AGF: “Words, poetry and sound”

Antye Greie Fuchs is a singer, producer, music writer, porgrammer and electronic poet who explores a very personal kind of poetry in electronic music and she does it through pop melodies, digital glitch and modulating her own voice making her live shows a real experience beyond the music. At L.E.V. 09 she will take part in a meeting with the audience talking about illumination of language and sound In the context of her work.

Along with audible and visual examples she will illustrate works and thoughts about poetry and sound, code as poetry, abstract poetry in electronic music, Poem Producing a deconstructing – reconstructing method, wordless singing or vocal sound without words, communication and interfaces – the search for exhibition of sound art.

Saturday 2nd
Cafetería de la Laboral, 20h