In the Laboral’s Theatre the night activities of friday and saturday will take place. Inaugurated in October 2007, after more than two years of intense remodelling, an unsurpassable acoustic and an excellent potential to lodge all kinds of performance have been achieved. The Laboral’s Theatre is nowadays the most important theatre in Asturias and one of the best in the north of Spain. For L.E.V. 09, the Theatre will looks very special free of seats.



The Art Centre is the main meeting point for the day activities welcoming the Resolume and Monome workshops, with the colaboration of the Red Bull Music Academy, the performance Blackout from João Samões and the video selection from Cimatics. The Art Centre will be opened until 23h during the festival.



The impressive Laboral’s church is, from the architectural point of view, a piece of outstanding interest in which the great elliptic cupola and the profuse exterior embellishment stand out. A still sacred place where the religious, artistic and expositive use coexist without incompatibilities. An incomparable framework to turn the special performances from AGF, Peter Greenaway, Bacanal Intruder and Fasenuova.



The Laboral University’s Café has been totally enlarged and renovated and it’s here where part of the Aurelio Biosca’s original restored furniture has been integrated. During the L.E.V.’s afternoons the meeting with AGF and the special programmes from Scanner FM will takes place here.



The Dramatic Art Superior School takes up 5000 metres of the building next to the theatre. The ESAD will takes up two sessions, on friday and saturday, of the Apostolia Papadamaki’s performance Electric Gril.

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