Nombre obra


A trio formed by two facing grand pianos and drums. Aufgang´s energy is born from the meeting of opposite genres, from power transmitted by the pianos of Francesco Tristano (Carl Craig´s regular contributor and one of the most prestigious interpreters of Bach) and Rami Khalifé along with Aymeric Westrich´s drums (drummer of the legendary Cassius), from their own language developed drawing on opposite trends from John Cage and modern classical abstraction to the heritage of baroque music and techno muscle.

In their live performances, Aufgang establish an inexhaustible and constant dialogue between both pianos creating unique and surprising structures. Irruption, development and exchange of rhythmic motives and melodic lines. Introducing new ideas and creating spaces ,from density to lightness, that interact with electronic sequences and drumming minimalist rhythms, Aufgang make use of classical instruments to create and perform the XXI century electronic music, to establish an own language that speaks of IDM and techno, free jazz and modern classical music.