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Call for Artists


The Laboratory of Visual Electronica and ScannerFM return to work one year again by offering a call for artists to promote and facilitate the diffusion of new electronic music makers of our country.

Logical Disorder, Burdeos, Wooky and Ortovon are the four names selected 50 projects from various parts of the country for a concert in the afternoon on Friday and Saturday, the hours of 18pm to 20pm, in the Cafeteria de la Laboral.


Wooky is Albert Salinas, catalonian producer and Dj who has been more than ten years cultivating what is today the sound of Lapsus Records, his own record label.

It all began with his interest in electronic music; Orbital, Aphex Twin, Swayzak or Telefon Tel Aviv kindled his interest and firstly took him to the plates, then to production and finally to sound design. Also since 2007 Albert works in Cd Drome Barcelona, one of the most prestigious record stores of Spain.

This trajectory has enriched his sound and mature to achieve an eclectic and original mix. “The Ark” is the result of searching his own style. IDM with deep basslines, epic melodies and compelling rhythms. 

Albert is currently preparing the second reference of Lapsus and he´ll present his live accompanied by the unmistakable Ascii_Bit visuals.


Orvonton is the electronic music project of Carlos E. Pechant (Mexico), currently living in Barcelona. His compositions have elements of ambient and IDM, but not limited to these genres. With syncopated rhythms and the use of orchestral elements, Orvonton lead us to sound rooms that create detailed atmospheres and diverse dual landscapes. He has performed in Mexico Fd, Madrid, Guadalajara, Barcelona, Puebla, San antonio (Texas) and Toluca among others. He also has published free music on the internet in netlabels from Russia, Mexico, Spain and Germany.

Logical Disorder

Logical Disorder is the pseudonym that Javier Barrero uses to throw up his feelings of paranoia, totalitarianism and resistance of hope. Educated in the netlabel scene and away from the commercial circuit, he works on industrial edge, surly IDM, with elusive melodies. His vision of music has two faces, one with a spectrum of light that wants to be reassuring, like the dreamy traveler. The other is more complicated, is an industrial machinery and a tortured, decadent mind.

In L.E.V. 2010 he will join the visual performance of the asturian collective Thr3hold.

The potential of Thr3hold is based on the complementary aspects of each one of its components; a strong base in the world of graphic and industrial design and extensive knowledge in new technologies, coupled by a strong aesthetic sensibility. The results are based on exploration and experimentation with new visual trends maintaining the highest visual simplicity and conceptual abstraction.


Burdeos, as known as Agua Oxigenada, is the alias used by Jesús Sánchez (Úbeda, Jaén 1985) when he gets behind his equipment. Nowadays living in Seville, he starts experimenting with music and computers in the middle of the year 2000, and years later is when he takes it seriously and starts recording his first tracks, published by the most important Spanish netlabels (Audiovisual Theorem, Plataforma LTW or Miga) and international netlabels (Crazy Language, Rec 72).

IDM, Hip Hop, Techno and Drum and Bass are the main influences of this producer, always on the most experimental and intelligent side of electronic music, filling his live performances with energy and experimentation.
Currently working with the visual artist Kowalski on the project “Digital Dreams” where live music and video come together for the delight of the audience.