Cities exist on several different levels. Places that we know and live in have been superseded by spaces of flows, webs of connections for communication, exchange and control that have come to transcend the limitations of actual phsyical space. Traditional ideas of territory [spatial as well as ideological] have almost been dissolved in this process, while new centres of power are emerging at the nodal points that regulate the flows of global networks.
Particle alludes to this fragmented reality of everyday life, deconstructing the urban fabric
to reveal a city that exists as much in an immaterial web of connections as it does in
actual space. Evading the allure of indiscriminate technological utopian, Particle also probes the faultlines and frictions that arise between the realms of the virtual and that of lived experience. Particle is an audio-visual performance designed for multi-screen staging. Original sound and abstracted urban visuals are mixed live to create a unique

D-Fuse are a London-based audiovisual art collective who use the creative potential of emerging technologies to explore social and environmental issues. Founded in the mid 90’s by Michael Faulkner, the group’s diverse creative backgrounds combine in a cross-disciplinary practice, including live multi-screen audio-visual performances, experimental documentary, photography, and temporary architectural installations.
D-Fuse are widely recognised as pioneers of VJ culture, and in 2006 edited the book VJ: Audiovisual Art and VJ Culture. Now at the forefront of the emerging genre of Live Cinema, the key relationship between sound and image underpins all of D-Fuse’s work. Sound Director Matthias Kispert composes evocative soundscapes from field recordings, electromagnetic interferences and recordings of different musical cultures, building a material link between the sounds of everyday life and the group’s visual work.

Their perfect visual imaginery will be shown also in L.E.V. 2010 in a vj set during the Dj Krush performance.