Guillaume Marie & Tazcorp

Guillaume Marie & Tazcorp

Guillaume Marie & Tazcorp

Nancy (World premiere)


An installation-performance inspired by the drug, sex and Rock’n roll icon Nancy Spungen (late wife of Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols) with dance, music and special effects.

Nancy Spungen was Sid Vicious’ (Sex Pistols) fan, when she became his wife, she turned into his own idol. She was found dead, in underwear, next to the toilet in the hotel room where the couple was living at that moment, stabbed in the stomach, on October 12th, 1978. She was only 20 years old.

By this “hypothetical” act (the murder theory has not been clearly proved), the admirer-vampire absorbed the idol, and projected herself into space and time, as an heroine registered for ever in memories: A skyrocketting celebrity through the act of death.

Second act of a serie of performances inspired by some famous/symbolic events (after Trigger in 2008 and before AsfixiA in 2011), Nancy points out the shift of the monotheist faith towards the “Pop-cult” which has taken place in our western societies

Guillaume Marie opens here a “perfomative laboratory for three performers: a dancer (Suet-Wan Tsang) and a musician (Greg Smith) who live and work in Holland and a make-up artist (Rebecca Flores)” and stages a performance where his heroine evolves and can be seen transformed in real time, creating a space for the spectator to observe her rise and fall with both dismay and delight.