Jorge Haro

Jorge Haro

Jorge Haro



Composer, audiovisual and sound artist. Researcher of experimental music, audiovisual pieces and sound installations. His work has been released by different labels from Argentina, North America and Europe.

He has performed acousmatic and audiovisual concerts, and installations throughout most of the planet and has composed pieces in collaboration with Zbigniew Karkowski, Mitchell Akiyama, Francisco López/Absolute Noise Ensamble or Sergi Jordà among many artists.

Is director of the Conciertos en el LIMb0 season in the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art; codirector of the website Fin del mundo website and of the project for artistic exchange and cultural cooperation EXPerimentaclub+LIMb0 (

He was codirector of the label Sudamérica Electrónica between 2007 and 2009.