Video cycle

L.E.V. collect some of the visual artists who have gone through the festival over the first three editions, together in a video cycle. In an attempt to collect some of the most interesting artists of visual creation, LEV is a sample of creative work that continually transcend their particular visual language, their proficiency in the use of different techniques and for his brilliant artistic development of a discourse that undoubtedly contributes to the advancement of visual creation linked to sound.

After passing through Mexico City in March, where it had his premiere at the Laboratorio Arte Alameda inside of the programation of Circuito Electrovisiones, the video cycle will be present during the festival hosted at the Laboral Art Center.

Bob Jaroc + Plaid [Reino Unido]

“The launching of big face” (2006) // Music: Plaid

Expert in animation and in love with the super 8 format, Bob Jaroc has mainly highlighted by the development of a visual work for Plaid that perfectly mixtures with the sounds of the British. Greedy Baby, published in 2006, is one of the most compact visual works of this decade.

Transforma [Berlín]

“Tube” (2010)

Transforma is a collective of video artists from Berlin formed by Baris Hasselbach, Luke Bennett and Simon Krahl who perfectly combines vjing improvisation with the power of their own, worked visual imagery. A collective who started producing experimental video in 2001 and has earned during the last five years a reputation demonstrated by the spectacular Synken or by their numerous collaborations together with artists like Apparat and Funkstörung among others that led them by the major european festivals and clubs.

Fuss! [España/Alemania]

“Minimal” (2010)

Fuss! is a Hispanic-German collective with multidisciplinary heritage: designers, creatives, musicians and programmers. An associationist electronic group that advocates new ways of shaping automatically and controllably visual swarms and noise digressions. Fuss! works with its own tool, Ambientador: a generator of environments. A versatile audiovisual sequencer. An enhancer of sensations and ideas in real time. An experiment of advanced artistic communication that has led them to show it at festivals and cities of Europe and America.

Raquel Meyers [España]

“The emperor’s snuff box” (2008) // Música: Tubular Bells

Raquel Meyers (Cartagena, 1977) is a spanish video artist who often uses low-resolution graphics to create a surreal imagery. She has made video clips and vj sets for many of the most prominent musicians of the 8-bit (Glomag, Bubblyfish, Goto80) and worked with artists from other styles as Rubeck and Tubular Balls. Meyers was part of Entter (2000 – 2007) and she is perhaps one of the most established artists in the world of pixel, but always in continuous exploration of other forms of expression to create pleasure and confusion.

Pfadfinderei [Berlín]

Pfadfinderei is one of the most important artists and designers collective worldwide. Founded in Berlin in 1998, Pfadfinderei is composed of seven members with different professional orientations in art and design. From typography to advertising design through installations and visual development of music projects. Responsible for Bpitch Control’s design line or campaigns for Volvo and Absolut, Moderat is his latest project, where they join together with Modeselektor and Apparat to create a great audiovisual performed worldwide.

Telematique + U-Matic [Berlín]

Sven Gareis has an active part in the art and club scene with his video installations and live performances since late 90′s. Member from 1998 to 2004 of the monitor.automatique platform is from 2004 when he begins to act under the name of Telematique, creating himself and defining a very marked style in which architecture and music are closely related and that has led him to show his work along the best festivals in the world: Transmediale, Cimatics, Paysages Electroniques…

Juan Rayos [España]

Video-video jockey who works in real time, putting together various non-narrative visual structures from a gallery of loops. He works both with material recorded by himself and with suitable material then manipulated and distorted altering its interpretation. The images are strung together with music,synchronizing or offering a plastic counterpoint based on the space and sound.

Normaa [España]

“Waves from tomorrow” (2008)

Eduardo and Raul Acosta have 10 years experience with distorted beats, looking for soundscapes and experimentation. The initial references in Marseille hip hop and groups such as NAP, Group Home or Infamous Mobb make a big dent in the duet and will influence intensively the project Normaa. In turn, also the classic dub will a hole in the roots of their sound. The knowledge gained on Internet and multimedia arouse interest for the mistake, the glitch and noise. Meanwhile, Raul Acosta began a career in the field of digital video, animation, post production and computer graphics.

In 2003, Raul and Eduardo combine knowledge and concerns in a tandem where audio and video work equally. Normaa is an audiovisual project characterized by live developments in actions, where the improper functioning of modern society is a constant reference.

Fiumfoto [España]

“Y entre sus pies y la tierra se abre un abismo” (Da Robotz remix 2010)

Fiumfoto is a collective of visual artists from Asturias for over ten years devoted to video art, live av and vjing. Their work is characterized by a mixture of video, motion graphics and abstract geometry, generating industrial, urban and digital environments, synchronized with music in real time to generate surrounding atmospheres.

Winners of the International Villa de Bilbao Contest, “new trends” section, in 2005 with their audiovisual project Exfium. Constantly reflecting on the forms of expression of their work, their projects acquire dimension through installations, video art or experimental photography.

.Tape. [España]

“Golondria” (2009)

.Tape. is the musical project of Daniel Romero, a hyperactive artist who back in 1999 decided to begin an adventure by trying to turn his bedroom into a sanctuary of magical sounds, mixing folk guitars with bleeps and blops, pop melodies and sounds of bedroom, children’s instruments, cheap keyboards and a host of electronic details a sweet lo-fi style.

Golondria is generative music, music created through the collision, twisting and bouncing of objects in a designated area, thus building changing and infinite music.