Zan Lyons

Zan Lyons

Zan Lyons

Zan Lyons vs Blade Runner remixed


Zan Lyons has been impressing throughout Europe since 2005 with his explosive live cinema shows. The combination of his sensational films, some of them screened at Cannes, with his chaotic and dark jumble of beats and viola loops gives rise to a sensory unprecedented challenge.
In 2006 “Androids with delayed reactions” and “Girl seeming to dissapear” were the films that made him be respected and tour alongside artists such as Battles, Venetian Snares or Clark. Key member of The Hellish Vortex, the live band that joins Alec Empire, and closely linked to the division of Warp Films, he was appointed in 2009 musical director for “Underdrome”, a multimedia 360 degrees show of the London Roundhouse, where Zan coordinated a 100 members orchestra of strings and winds and intervened the sound with his own material.

To mark the 25th anniversary of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, Zan Lyons began in 2009 to prepare a reissue of the soundtrack and a review of the footage. The result is Zan Lyons vs Blade Runner remixed. An amazing live performance of live cinema where Zan Lyons has completely rewritten the entire movie music and re-edited several scenes to achieve a total spectacle never seen before.