L.E.V. 2011

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual


Paralell activities


Call for artists LEV – Scanner FM

The Visual Electronic Laboratory and ScannerFM return to work together one year again by offering a call for artists to promote and facilitate the diffusion of new electronic music makers of Spain.

The deadline for submissions was March the 30th.

Three projects will be selected to do a live act during the activities in collaboration with ScannerFM in the fifth edition of L.E.V. Festival, that will takes place during April the 29th and 30th. The live act will be broadcasted through ScannerFM.

Adapt (Madrid), Davic Nod (Barcelona), y Homeless Inc. (Madrid) are the selected artists from more than 100 projects.


Christian Del Moral was born January 1, 1986 in Ceuta, Spain. He grew up in the age of the cassettes and CDs and began experimenting with samples and remix session recorded with an analogue mixer, cd players and a tape recording device. He was part of many different bands, playing guitar and using various samples. Adapt emerged out of a suprising and emotional reaction to working with digital sequencers and the work that emerged from the new tools. His influences are artists like Liam Howlett, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Arovane, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Boards Of Canada.

In 2007, the competition Audiciones selected Adapt to perform live in Fundación Canal, a multidiciplinary auditorium for the performing arts in Madrid. Since 2007 he published the works “Madrid EP” in the net-label Plataforma LTW and “Vamos a un lugar especial”, recently published by Miga. Christian Del Moral is currently studying sound at SAE in Madrid, focusing on projects that deal with the nature of soundtracks.

His music is ambient in nature and built as an aural landscape but works in various styles from IDM, hip hop, ambient, and even techno. Regardless of style, everything is colored with personal meaning and character that aspires to transform those who listen.



Davic Nod

Twenty-four year old Davic Nod is a young pianist and lover of electronic music and technology. Aged nine, he began studying piano, music theory and harmony, and by the time he was 12 his compositions were already arousing interest. At 14 he fell in love with electronica and there was no going back… Today he combines his work as a producer with sporadic live performances, Ableton live! classes and the activities of the Cultural Loud Music Association, which explores the technology of musical creation.
The year 2009 he was chosen to take part in the program of Sónar, and due to his constant willingness of doing something different he offered the audience a session, including his friends’ and own productions, which all the material contained had never been published. In 2010, he decides to publish his debut in the netlabel of Cultural Miga Association, which includes some of the tracks presented in Sónar and new ones, one of them in collaboration with Gabriela Parra.

Before year’s end and coinciding with the publication in Miga Label, he presented a new show: “Davic Nod & The Dancers live!”, which combines live music and improvised dance with special lighting.
After the great feedback of “Mi Nube Remix”, the first collaboration between Davic Nod and Gabriela Parra, both of them begin to work in a new project: Clicks & Keys.



Homeless Inc.

Homeless Inc. is the name of the music project of Miguel Velasco around electronic styles as wonky beats-funk-neo soul-dubstep. A bass-heavy dubby breaks hybrid that gave him the opportunity to take part in the  London Red Bull Music Academy in 2010 and at Sónar Festival de Barcelona on the same year, he also has appeared at Mary Anne Hobbs show at BBC Radio 1.