L.E.V. 2011

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual



XI Versions Of Black Noise: Remix album of Pantha Du Prince

The last Rough Trade release is XI Versions Of Black Noise, the remix album of “Black Noise”, last work of Pantha Du Prince released in 2010.

The album includes remixes from artists as Animal Collective, Moritz Von Oswald, Efdemin, Four Tet, Carsten Jost o Lawrence among others.

You can listen here the album in streaming.
Pantha Du PrinceXI Versions Of Black Noise

01. Moritz Von Oswald – Welt Am Draht
02. Die Vögel – Welt Am Draht
03. Lawrence – Stick to My Side
04. Four Tet – Stick to My Side
05. The Sight Below – A Nomad’s Retreat
06. Efdemin – Stick to My Side
07. Hieroglyphic Being – Satellite Sniper
08. Carsten Jost – Stick to My Side
09. Animal Collective – Welt Am Draht
10. Fata Morgana – Lay in a Shimmer
11. Walls - Stick to My Side

Stick To My Side (Four Tet Version)
Welt Am Draht (Animal Collective Remix)

Workshop Red Bull Music Academy: Mark Pritchard

Mark Pritchard, the man behind projects such as Harmonic 313, Hi-Tech Africa, Global Communication, Jedi Knights … will be responsible for providing an essential workshop which will review the background accumulated during his 15 year career on the stage as well as electronic production techniques and tools. Mark Pritchard is also one of the regular teachers of the Red Bull Music Academy, which this year will be held in Madrid between October 23 and November 4.

The workshop will be held at 17h on Saturday 30 April at 0 LABboral Platform for Art and Industrial Creation and to take part is necessary to send personal information by Friday, April 25 to  contact@levfestival.com .

Adapt, Davic Nod and Homeless Inc are the winners of L.E.V. – ScannerFM call

The Visual Electronic Laboratory and ScannerFM return to work together one year again by offering a call for artists to promote and facilitate the diffusion of new electronic music makers of Spain.

The deadline for submissions was March the 30th.

Three projects will be selected to do a live act during the activities in collaboration with ScannerFM in the fifth edition of L.E.V. Festival, that will takes place during April the 29th and 30th. The live act will be broadcasted through ScannerFM.

Adapt (Madrid), Davic Nod (Barcelona), y Homeless Inc. (Madrid) are the selected artists from more than 100 projects. You can see here all the related info.

Self Confidence Vol.2 – 74 minutes of unreleased Lorn music

Hour and fourteen minutes of unfinished / unreleased / demo / don’t remember music from Lorn is available now for free download under the name of “Self Confidence Vol.2″. Lorn, one of the most prominent artists of the american Brainfeeder, released some time ago “Self Confidence”, another compilation of unreleased and unfinished tracks. With this free works, Lorn gives to the audience a nice sample of the sounds he’s constantly designing and conceiving to. His live act at L.E.V. 2011 will be his first show in Spain and we have no doubt it will be one of the best live acts of the year.

You can download “Self Confidence Vol.2″ here.

Hotel offers

Thanks to a collaboration with Blue Hoteles, LEV offers a special hotel discount to enjoy during the weekend where L.E.V. takes place. The offer consists on 2 hotel nights in a double room with breakfast service at various 3* hotels across the city for a total price of 75€/person.

These are the hotels where you can find the offer:

- Hotel Blue Santa Rosa

- Hotel Marqués de San Esteban

Apparat, Ital Tek, Ametsub, Downliners Sekt… among the last confirmed artists

The dreamy melodies and metal breaks of Apparat, the emotional and melancholic IDM of Ametsub, the complex rhythmic structures of Downliners Sekt, the fusion of digital precision with the acoustics of the everyday sounds of Juanjo Palacios and the futuristic dubstep soundscapes of Ital Tek are the last incorporations to the music line-up of the fifth edition of L.E.V. Festival, which during the 29th and 30th April will be held in Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura, in Gijón.

The abstract and digital landscapes of the visual artist Alba G. Corral, the visual experimentation around new aesthetic expressions of the Asturian Thr3hold and the critique of the consumer society from a poetic plastic aesthetic of Adrian Cuervo complete the strictly visual proposals for L.E.V. 2011.

In addition, in L.E.V. 2011 we will enjoy with “The Particle”, the latest work of digital artist Álex Posada. A kinetic sculpture that experiments with color, sound and movement.  The sculpture forms and reacts by generating events that modulate the sound and space, constantly changing atmosphere and perception.

Photek | Avalanche EP out now | BBC Radio 1 interview

Avalanche EP is the new work released by Photek on his own label Photek Productions. The ep is now available in different formats at his own website. The return of one of the most important artists of the 90s and the presentation of the new sounds that can be found on his incoming productions.

PhotekAvalanche EP

01. Avalanche

02. 101

03. 101 (Boddika’s Drum Machine Remix)

04. This city

05. Slowburn

BBC Radio 1: Photek was present at Benji B weekly radio show for a special program focused on his brilliant career.

BBC Radio 1 – Exploring Future Beats by Photek

Pantha du Prince, SBTRKT with Sampha, Demdike Stare, Architectural and Transforma & YRO

Pantha du Prince, SBTRKT with Sampha, Demdike Stare, Architectural and Transforma & YRO are the new names added for the 2011 edition of L.E.V. The audiovisual creation festival that every year takes place in different venues of Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura, in Gijón, Northern Spain.

Pantha du Prince, carrier of one of the most personal and elegant sounds of the last years in the electronic music scene, as well as SBTRKT, the masked project that tries to reform British house music through uk bass, garage and techno, will be at Gijon showing us they’re two perfect examples of the variety in the evolution of club music during the last years.

The darker and disturbing sounds will be represented by Demdike Stare. And the techno, which will have in Architectural, the maximum expression. A spanish project around deep  and mental electronic dance music that will show at L.E.V. the most pure techno sound.

Transforma and Yro will also show at L.E.V.: “Asynthome”, an audio-visual performance in which Transforma and Yro turn the stage into a workshop of experimentation.

L.E.V., designed and conceived by the collective Datatron 0x3F, co-produced by Laboral City of Culture and with LABoral Art & Industrial Creation Center as the main sponsor, once again show some of the most prominent in both the field of audiovisual creation and in the creation of electronic music.

Photek, Jon Hopkins and Lorn are the new names added to L.E.V. 2011

Photek, absolute pioneer of the most revolutionary sounds of the 90s, returns this 2011, and after a long silence of several years, to show his personal vision of the bass music of our time. Surely a fundamental point of view of someone who was basic in the definition of drum & bass, and that at LEV will present a very high level audio-visual live.

Visual Electronics Laboratory will also witness in its fifth edition, the direct great Jon Hopkins, who after signing the excellent “Small craft on a milk  of sea” next to the almighty Brian Eno, or collaborate with artists such as Coldplay, Four Tet and Herbie Hancock among many others, will show in LEV his explosive mix of fulminant IDM and futuristic modern classical.  As well as the magic death hop from Brainfeeder’s new talent Lorn.