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Hyperdub - UK

Darkstar is a project composed by the very young James Young, Aiden Whalley and James Buttery. Three British guys who released their two first tracks with the label Hyperdub: “Need you” and Aidy´s girl is a computer”, beginning to fill pages of international media. A strong pledge that splashed dubstep sound with chiptune and synthetic pop sparks, giving another twist to a constant evolving genre,

“North” (Hyperdub, 2010) has been one of the best works released in 2010. It is the perfect confirmation of the evolution of this trio sound. Pop music done with machines that aroused into dubstep chords, in order to travel for writing their own story. A personality fed by 1980´s synthetic pop, in an updated way, returning it to us more urban, more futuristic and more electronic. We can talk about The Human League, Gary Numan or about the best of Radiohead of “Kid A” and “OK Computer”, but the fact is that Darkstar is currently performing a unique audio sounding like no one else. A trip through empty, dark and cold streets, among romantic and precious voices.

Darkstar “North”

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