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Downliners Sekt

Disboot - ES

“Hello lonely, hold the nation” and “We make hits, not the public” are the first two works of an EP’s trilogy to see the light between 2010 and 2011 and designed to define with perfection the new Downliners Sekt sound. An enigmatic project that debuted in 2005 with “Statement of Purpose” and where has evolved a sound that was cemented on the post-rock developments to grow between the influence of IDM, ambient and spectral dubstep.

In Downliners Sekt the beats don’t flow easily. The rhythms are not simple, the structures are enhanced in complex mixtures, including debt to Burial atmospheres, abrupt glitches and liquid voices to lead a tangle of very emotional sound which has placed them under the eyes of much of the international circuit.


Downliners Sekt “We Make Hits, Not The Public”

Downliners Sekt “Hello Lonely, Hold The Nation”

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