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Harmonic 313

Warp Records - AUS

Mark Pritchard has one of the neatest careers in the recent history of electronic music. On active service and at a very hive level since 1993 when his first work was featured: Global Communication, with Tom Middleton. Over almost twenty years he has been shaping different projects (Global Communication, Jedi Knights, Reload, Africa Hi-tech…), researching and evolving through different sounds (techno, funk, ambient, hip hop, electronic…) until he appeared on the scene in 2008 sponsored by Warp Records under his penultimate nickname, Harmonic 313.

In Harmonic 313, Mark gives free rein to his role as visionary to draw an electronic sound totally futuristic, built on the IDM foundations and abstract hip hop. “When machines exceed human intelligence” (Warp Records, 2009) is the priceless masterpiece that continued what was started in “EP1” and “Dirtbox”, also featured by Warp; a great work standing on the Decalogue of Harmonic 313 sound; the perfect amalgam of the blend of heavy rhythms, bleeps and digital funk.


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