L.E.V. 2011

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Ital Tek

Planet Mu - UK

Alan Myson, a.k.a. Ital Tek was born in Brighton, and like many of his generation, he went down the paths of hardcore to explore and develop new sounds. He started producing in his teens and caught the eye of the always quick Mike Paradinas, who signed him to his Planet Mu label when he was just 18 years old. It was then that he started to seriously work on his song making craft and to mold a particular sound from his multiple influences. From jungle to breakcore, and from hip hop to techno and bands like Radiohead or Nine Inch Nails, it’s been an ongoing process that has brought him to the making of his second and most ambitious LP to date: “Midnight Colour”. In it, he slows the tempo and explores the margins of dubstep with a variety of rhythmic patterns, rough basses and omnipresent warm and cosmic melodies. An alloy of sounds composed with craftsmanship and wrapped in that feeling of weightlessness that seems to be the common thread binding the latest generation of British artists who doesn’t consider dubstep a destination, but more a means to an end.


Ital Tek “Midnight Colour”

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