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Jon Hopkins

Domino Records - UK

Composer, pianist and regular sound assistant in recording studios. Co-producer and keyboard player in the last Coldplay album having a long list of collaborations with artists who do not stop knocking on his door to share his time, from Brian Eno to Herbie Hancock, as well as Four Tet, David Holmes or Massive Attack, among others. Jon Hopkins is one of the most prominent artists of today, a child prodigy of piano who at 16 tried to combine the prestigious Royal College of Music discipline with his obsession with electronic audio, a continuous fight between the influence of Maurice Ravel and acid or drum n´bass sound.

“Insides” (Domino Records, 2009) confirmed him as a musician, the disclosure and staging of his personal audio. His music is always worrying, continually transcending genres and labels, placing himself over them through brilliant melodies, synthesizer walls, tension and amorphous bass sounds. His perfect composition domain and his mastery of an instrument as fundamental as the piano hovers over his work in an explosive and enriched mixture of digital coldness and subtle textures as well as sudden IDM and futurist modern classical. In 2010, Small craft on a milk of sea was featured by Warp Records, half work with the almighty Brian Eno as well as “Monsters” (Domino Records, 2010) his staging as a soundtracks composer, being also in this field an outstanding artist.


Jon Hopkins “Monsters”

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