L.E.V. 2011

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual




King Midas Sound

Hyperdub - UK

Deep dub, apocalyptic ballads, gangsta house, dancehall shoegazing, no wave blues, Slo-fi soul… are some of the genres used by King Midas Sound to define his sound, renewing and updating in a perfect way our soul, ambient, dub and trip hop times through dubstep and spoken word.

Kevin Martin (The Bug, Techno Animal, Experimental Audio Research…) is the brains of a project perfectly completed with the deep voice of Roger Robinson, a poet from Trinidad and Tobago and the Japanese vocalist and illustrator Kiki Hitomi, an explosive mixture. His album Waiting for you released by Hyperdub, shook the foundations of dubstep movement in 2009, enriching and evolving his style, projecting it well above the coordinates under which most of the featured works had appeared till then. King Midas Sound writes the soundtrack of an urban apocalypse, drawn between monstrous bass and  dense and oppressive atmospheres, powered by deep voices and spectral sounds. Love and pain treated with extreme sensuality to give us live an inimitable audio catharsis.



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