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Pantha Du Prince

Rough Trade - DE

“This Bliss” (Dial, 2007) is one of the best albums of electronic dance music of the past decade. 63 minutes of romantic and emotional techno that placed Pantha Du Prince at the head of a record company as prestigious as Dial with a spotless reputation, giving to our ears the most elegant electronic music of recent years. A perfect album in which Hendrik Weber was claimed as a true alchemist of melodies and perfect harmonies, with a very pronounced personal style, that enables his sound like that of a few, to seduce at home and to enjoy on the dance floor.

“Black Noise” (Rough Trade, 2010) is his last work. His personal interpretation of imperceptible sound preceding major natural disasters. An album that will see the reply at the end of April with a cover album signed by names such as Four Tet, Moritz Von Oswald, Animal Collective or Carsten Jost among others. Timeless dance music of exquisite taste confirming as one of the finest producers that we can find nowadays. Author of one of the best techno works featured in 2010. He is one of the essential names in melodic techno, searching for the perfect melody.


Pantha Du Prince “Lay In A Shimmer”

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