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Photek Productions - UK

Rupert Parkes, a.k.a. Photek, will always be remembered as one of the pioneers of the different genres that emerged in the UK in the early 90´s.  He was there when Goldie called it drum & bass, when IDM and jungle sound aroused at the scene starting a musical revolution that still lasts. A real audio scientist who for years led the avant-garde of electronic composition with its characteristic intelligent drum & bass full of cold and paranoid atmospheres, characterized by complex bass and drums polyrhythmic structures, strongly influenced by IDM and jazz. “Modus operandi” (Virgin, 1997) is one of the masterpieces of this genre, one of the most important albums of the 90´s and his debut album, which placed him as the great mentor of d&b. A master profile enriched with the essential album “Form and function” (Virgin, 1998) and “Solaris (Virgin, 2000)”.

After a very long silence that has kept him away from the front line in recent years to focus on creating music and audio for film industry in the USA, Photek is back in style in 2011, asserting its position in the history of electronic music. During the boom of dubstep movement and other streams of bass music, Photek will show his revolutionary sound design, debtor of the movement that he helped to create and consolidate.


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