L.E.V. 2011

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual






Thr3hold is a collective born in Gijón (Spain) in 2008 bringing together common visions and worries from its three members: María Fernandez, Rodolfo Lillo and Borja Requena, who also carries out a personal music project called Aermneme. Th3hold works on different areas related to audio-visual, mainly focused on videocreation and audio- live visuals in the experimental electronic field as well as installations where light, image and sound in their most abstract way work as their main ingredients.

Having a solid background on graphic, industrial design and technology, their pieces of work are based on exploration and experimentation of new visual tendencies keeping the maximum simplicity and conceptual abstraction of the compositions. Opened to collaborations and with a clear intention of dynamizing and creating links between audio-visual artists, in a short period of time they have developed common projects with Logical Disorder (Barcelona, Nui sala), Music for Khaos (Madrid), and Blezna (Gijon), and they are planning on working in collaborations with artists from Portugal and Canada.


Galería de Imágenes

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