L.E.V. 2011

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual




Transforma & YRO “Asynthome”


Asynthome is an audiovisual show in which Transforma and YRO convert the stage into a laboratory of pure experimentation. A series of modular stations with objects, light boxes, liquids, interactive sculptures and cameras for recording and broadcasting the process are used by operators to create a visual experiment projected directly onto the screens. Real time manipulation of the elements present on the stage manages to offer us a great experimental film in which we can see the final result on the screen and the experimental process on the stage.

Transforma is a group of Berliner video artists formed by Baris Hasselbach, Luke Bennett and Simon Krahl that seamlessly blends vjing improvisation with the power of their well-worked and own visual imagery. A group that started featuring experimental video in 2001 and during the past decade worked with artists like Apparat or Funkstörung and presented their striking visual works in the most prestigious festivals and international clubs. YRO is a young graphic designer, video director, hyperactive performer from France especially obsessed with the relation between sound and image as well as the highest expression as indivisible unit in his live performance.


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