L.E.V. 2011

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual



Apparat, Ital Tek, Ametsub, Downliners Sekt… among the last confirmed artists

The dreamy melodies and metal breaks of Apparat, the emotional and melancholic IDM of Ametsub, the complex rhythmic structures of Downliners Sekt, the fusion of digital precision with the acoustics of the everyday sounds of Juanjo Palacios and the futuristic dubstep soundscapes of Ital Tek are the last incorporations to the music line-up of the fifth edition of L.E.V. Festival, which during the 29th and 30th April will be held in Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura, in Gijón.

The abstract and digital landscapes of the visual artist Alba G. Corral, the visual experimentation around new aesthetic expressions of the Asturian Thr3hold and the critique of the consumer society from a poetic plastic aesthetic of Adrian Cuervo complete the strictly visual proposals for L.E.V. 2011.

In addition, in L.E.V. 2011 we will enjoy with “The Particle”, the latest work of digital artist Álex Posada. A kinetic sculpture that experiments with color, sound and movement.  The sculpture forms and reacts by generating events that modulate the sound and space, constantly changing atmosphere and perception.