L.E.V. 2012

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual



Arbol interview


Arbol, who will be at L.E.V. 2012 with his new album “She Read The Wrong Book” is the protagonist of the mix number 65 of the magazine Playground.

Miguel Marín started to develop a taste for electronic music in his final stage as the drummer of Piano Magic, at the turn of this century. Before that, he had been an occasional collaborator of Spanish band Sr. Chinarro, before moving to London and becoming one of Glen Johnson’s musical partners during his best period, from “Low Birth Weight” to the soundtrack of Bigas Luna’s “Son De Mar”. The man from Seville was in London, all alone and missing Spain, and the vision of a tree (“árbol”, in Spanish) got him the stage name he’s been using ever since: a simple word, which to him represented being at home, with his family. That was five years ago, and he has since released five albums: “Arbol” (Indus Sonica, 2002),“Dreams Made Of Paper” (Lejos Discos, 2005), “You Travelled My Heart Inside Out” (Lejos Discos, 2007), his collaboration with Vicent Fibla on “Bu San” (spa.RK, 2009), and now “She Read The Wrong Book” (spa.RK, 2012), possibly his most complete and balanced work to date: a perfect mix of ambient, almost flickering electronica, soundtrack-like strings and song-like  structures.

“She Read The Wrong Book” was released last January and acts as Arbol’s ticket to a 2012 with a full schedule. As he will explain in this interview, he will be writing the music for a dance performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, as well as a few more scores. Alongside – of course – live performances, for example at the L.E.V. festival, to be held late April in the northern Spanish city of Gijón. All this prompts the perfect opportunity to get to know another one of Arbols digressions: his occasional DJ side. On this podcast, we hear him mixing his own (and unreleased) tracks with pieces by Aphex Twin, Delia Derbyshire and an unreleased song by Piano Magic.

You can read the full article and interview here.