L.E.V. 2012

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual





Opened in October 2007 after more than two years of intense renovations that have given it excellent acoustics and a faultless ability to accommodate all kinds of shows, the Theater of the Laboral is today the main theater of Asturias and one of the best of northern Spain. We´ll enjoy a leisurely schedule focused on showing some of the most shocking audiovisual proposals nowadays at this venue.


LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre

The Art Centre will be the main meeting point during the day hosting activities as the workshop that every year L.E.V. offers in collaboration with Red Bull Music Academy, the installation “Datamatics” of Ryoji Ikeda and the exhibition “Visualizing sound”.



The imposing Church of the Laboral is a not desacralized area, where art, religion and exhibition uses coexist without incompatibilities. This year will host the installation “Rheo: 5 horizons” of Ryoichi Kurokawa from the exhibition “Visualizing sound”.



In a bid to the change in the configuration and the use of spaces, this former Laboral University industrial building, recovered in 2007 to join the Laboral Art Centre, will be the venue where the bulk of the programmation on both days will take place from midnight.


Atlantic Botanic Garden

The Atlantic Botanic Garden is the first botanical garden in the north-western region of Spain and what makes it different from other gardens is that this is just one specialised in our environment that focuses on the flora and vegetation of the Atlantic regions. The perfect environment to enjoy the performances on saturday morning.


The Laboral’s Cafe / The Auditorium

The Laboral University’s Café has been totally enlarged and renovated and it’s here where part of the Aurelio Biosca’s original restored furniture has been integrated. During the L.E.V.’s afternoons will be open as a meeting point for the audience