L.E.V. 2012

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual



L.E.V. 2012: 27 & 28 de Abril. Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura. Gijón.


L.E.V. or Visual Electronics Laboratory is a project that offers a panoramic, eclectic and qualitative vision on the electronic music and visual creation wide spectrum since 2007.

As a physical an ephemeral space concerned with the natural synergy between image and sound, the live action of the festival is experimentation of the constant mutations between genres and styles that emphasize the importance of music and visual art as artistic manifestations in continuous evolution.

The sixth edition of the Visual Electronics Laboratory will be held on 27 and 28 April in different venues of Labor City of Culture, in Gijón, once again bringing together a selection of the most interesting local and international artists, young talents and established artists.

Mika Vainio, Kuedo, Soap&Skin, Anstam and Old Apparatus are the first names confirmed for LEV 2012.

Mika Vainio has gals(?) who credited him as one of the true pioneers of the more abrasive and less comfortable sounds. Member of the dissolved group Pan Sonic, probably one of the most important projects of experimental electronic, noise and industrial music, will present in Gijón his whirlwind of sound usually supported by platforms such as Raster Noton, Touch or Editions Mego.

Kuedo has been one of the revelations of the past 2011. His latest work, Severant, has been unanimously acclaimed as one of the best albums of last year and in 2012 L.E.V. will be present with his new live set.

LEV 2012 also will be attended by Soap&Skin, who with the imminent publication of his second album, Narrow, will demonstrate why he is one of the artists with greatest potential today. The universe of sound that he has managed to carve based on harrowing pianos and his disturbing personal mix of pop, dark ambient and cinematic music de facto places him as one of the most exciting artists today.

Anstam and Old Apparatus will return as two of the most striking artists from last year. Anstam, signer of one of the albums of the year, the essential Dispel Dances, will present a stunning live audiovisual at L.E.V.. Like Old Apparatus, the mysterious group that, after publishing two great 12² at the prestigious label Deep Medi Musik, is positioned as one of the most interesting promises for the future. They also will be present with his a/v live.