L.E.V. 2012

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual



Demdike Stare live (L.E.V. 2011)

Demdike Stare is the occultist project of the Britons Sean Canty and Miles Whitaker (50% of Pendle Coven). Obsessed with the aesthetics of horror films from the 1960´s and 1970´s, esotericism, experiments with radio frequencies and dark music bookshops, death and decadence, they have achieved developing a unique imaginary, greatly strengthened

Totally cinematic and worrying music deeping and strengthing the definition of a hypnotic and sickly sound in which we find other brilliant outsiders like Mordant Music or Shackleton. An essential experience, that offered to L.E.V. 2011 the possibility to see in exclusive some of the material from the recently released Elemental ep’s.


Lorn live (L.E.V. 2011)

A very dark sound, influenced by sci-fi where sinister and ghostly atmospheres are constant. The sound of Lorn is a stunning mass of cutting edge electronic sound and bass music, IDM and hip hop are his personal Trinity. Lorn offered at the past edition of L.E.V. Festival one of his first appearances in Europe and now you can listen it here.


Downliners Sekt live (L.E.V. 2011)

Downliners Sekt has evolved an authentic sound that was cemented on the post-rock developments to grow between the influence of IDM, urban ambient and spectral bass music.

In Downliners Sekt the beats don’t flow easily. The rhythms are not simple, the structures are enhanced in complex mixtures, including expansive atmospheres, abrupt glitches and liquid voices to lead a tangle of very emotional sound as they showed in past edition of L.E.V. and that now you can listen here.


Apparat live (L.E.V. 2011)

Sascha Ring is not an usual artist. He operates since 2000 with T. Raumschmiere the labelShitkatapult, from where they try to implement the maximum Special musick for special people and over 11 years he has been concerned in a special way by joining the abstract electronic and pop sensibility, for attempting to reformulate constantly the parameters of contemporary dance music.

Solo works like “Multifunctionsebene” or “Walls”, collaborations such as “Orchestra of Bubbles” withEllen Allien, remixes for Johnny CashEllen AllienRoyskoppMobyRaz OharaHakan LidboJames HoldenNathan FakeFrancesco Tristano…. and Moderat, the amazing project formed with Modeselektor and Pfadfinderei that between 2009 and 2010 surprised with a brilliant album and amazing shows at lots of cities in the world (with Gijón and L.E.V. as one of the stops) giving them definitively the status of prominent members of the mutational and evolutionary process of the electronic dance music of today.


Harmonic 313 (L.E.V. 2011)

Mark Pritchard has one of the neatest careers in the recent history of electronic music. On active service and at a very hive level since 1993 when his first work was featured: Global Communication, with Tom Middleton. Over almost twenty years he has been shaping different projects (Global CommunicationJedi Knights, Reload, Africa Hi-tech…), researching and evolving through different sounds (techno, funk, ambient, hip hop, electronic…). You can listen now his stunning show at L.E.V. 2011:


Rui Horta + Micro Audio Waves live (L.E.V. 2009)

The electronic pop band Micro Audio Waves and the choreographer Rui Horta played at the third edition of L.E.V. the show called Zoetrope: a multimedia show that breaks the barriers between genres and offers a multimedia performance organized as a concet and choreography. Images, music, alternative realities, text, movement, graphic design, illumination and dance. The identities of each element co-exist in perfect harmony.

Now you can listen here the sound of this amazing show.


Mount Kimbie live (L.E.V. 2010)

Mount Kimbie, one of the most outstanding projects of 2010, offered during last year’s festival one of the first direct in his career and the first held in our country. Their ability to create lush ambient electronic passages, enriched by rhythms that come from the dubstep and textures near the post-rock where the layers of soft vocal melody evolve between them has become one of the fundamental references of what many have begun to be known now as post dubstep scene.

Beyond labels, Mount Kimbie are the perfect example of the hybridization of genres, the constant crossroads between different styles that can be found today in electronic music, and which no doubt means that we are facing one of the most interesting creative moments in the evolution of electronic music.


Signal live (L.E.V. 2010)

Signal is the project formed by Alva Noto, Byetone and Frank Bretschneider. Founders of the Raster Noton platform, they represent better than anybody the standard of dapper digital creation, researching artists looking for perfect sound. Pioneers and developers for years of their personal concept and method of seeing electronic music, they are considered nowadays as digital electronica´s main platform. Their constant research on frequencies of sound and structure, textures and timbres, visual representation of sound and on stimulation of the sensual perceptions of man through light and sound phenomena led them to shape an audiovisual project that made clear historical record with “Robotron” (Raster Noton, 2007).

They offered an amazing live act at L.E.V. 2010 focused on a basic concept: improvisation. A whole audiovisual live experience where frequencies, glitches, sound layers and its impeccable handling of images work geared to perfection.



Nathan Fake live (L.E.V. 2009)

In 2006 Nathan Fake debuted on LP format with “Drowning In a Sea Of Love”, a treaty of electronic sensitiveness with which he was trying to convey such clear and pure moments of happines as the ones he felt as a child. With this album the laptop genius was going another step further taking a gamble on dance music from the perspective of post-rock or shoegazing where clear references from Boards of Canada to Mogwai fitted in together with his characteristic drones and bubbling bleeps, and above all, with a clear melodic and harmonic far-sightedness which only set even more the characteristic sound with which he became popular.

With cult track until nowadays like “The Sky Was Pink” present for ever in the history of electronics, Nathan Fake offered in 2009 an amazing live act with most of the tracks published after the festival in “Hard islands”. 62 intense minutes of pure live act to close the first night of L.E.V. 2009.




Rec_Overflow is nowadays one of the greatest talents that exist in the national electronic music. Member of Error (collective in Madrid) in 2001 they fund Plataforma LTW of the difusion of no conventional electronics new projects. Hiperactive productor and active member of the netlabel scene. Lover of digital error, of electronic scenery and experimental beatz, he developes passionate and powerful live concerts full. Like his live act for L.E.V. 2008. An audiovisual live act in which with two laptops and modular software with frequency recognition system he created 3D figures and textures which will obey the audio.


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