L.E.V. 2012

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual





Planet Mu · UK

Saturday 28.04 · 02:10h ·

The sound of Kuedo is one of the most pleasant surprises left us last 2011 and in L.E.V. 2012 we will be lucky to enjoy one of his first live performances. Jamie Teasdale is the half of Vex’d, one of the most solid projects of the British underground, where low frequencies are religion. Between 2004 and 2010 they did much to define the broad possibilities of the expansive phenomenon of dubstep but a good day and without notice, they entered in dormant indefinitely…

And then came “Severant”, his first solo lp for Planet Mu and with it the confirmation of Kuedo today, as one of the most exciting names in the chaotic crossroads of mergers between genres and styles in the electronic scene Footwork, southern hip hop, 80s synths, haunting melodies and extremeley futuristic surround sounds….. Kuedo has been able to metabolize everything perfectly, including references to Vangelis and the sci-fi imaginary to invite us to become androids who dream with electric sheeps, and to give us one of the most impressive records of all 2011. The future is here.




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Kuedo – Scissors

Kuedo – Truth Flood