L.E.V. 2012

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual






MFO works with imagery, light and space.

The collective of Marcel Weber and Lucy Benson, MFO create and direct audiovisual performances, installations, video and image works. Intense and distinct aesthetics define their work. Concept takes priority over technique, the meaning defines the method. New and old media forms, technologies and illusionary devices are employed equally. MFO aims at the subconscious over the conscious, emotion over intellect, ambiguity over well-defined.

MFO are resident visual artists for multiple event series focused on the exploration of contemporary electronic music in Berlin and internationally. Performances and installations have featured at festivals such as CTM and Transmediale (Berlin), Unsound (Krakow), TodaysArt (Den Haag), as well as various events across Europe, USA and Australia. Recent collaborations include audiovisual performances with the likes of Kode 9Roly Porter and Oni Ayhun.

For L.E.V. 2012, MFO will perform two shows; the first, an exploration in minimalism and subliminal consciousness for Komatsu.

The second, a premiere of their new performance with Kuedo.



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