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Prefuse 73

Warp Records · USA

Friday 27.04 · 02:30h ·

Guillermo Scott Herren got a position in early 2000 as one of the greatest visionaries and pioneers of abstract electronic music. “Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives” and specially “One word extinguisher” hit the market, starting a revolution of the interpretation that until then the electronic music did of hip hop music. Someone decided to call it “Glitch hop”, but the fact is that the ability of Prefuse 73 to build cuibist hip hop from dislocated rhythms, glitches, IDM and abstract funk reached unbeatable creative heights for the hundreds of projects that tried to imitate his sound.

Over the last decade Prefuse 73 has shown a creative incontinence rarely seen before: 8 published albums on Warp and numerous releases under their many side projects (Delarosa & Asora, Piano Overlord, Ahmad Szabo, Savath & Savalas…). Not to mention the dozens of collaborations with names as Battles, Mos Def, José González, Ghostface Killah, TV On The Radio, Daniel Lopatin, Zola Jesus, Tyondai Braxton….. If there is an adjective that defines perfectly Prefuse 73,  is the concept of genius.



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