L.E.V. 2012

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Robert Lippok

Raster Noton · DE

Saturday 28.04 · 14:35h ·

Robert Lippok is one of the founders of To Rococo Rot, the project that during the last 20 years have successfully managed the frontiers between post-rock and electronic music. A constant investigation about the convergence between digital sound and abstract instrumental music. His solo works include releases as Falling into komeit (Monika Enterprise, 2004) or Tesri (Monika Enterprise, 2005) with Barbara Morgenstern.

Redsuperstructure (Raster Noton, 2010), is a work based on the spectacular set that he played at Raster-Noton’s electric campfire at Villa Massimo in September 2010. Lippok shaped his compositions through the visualization of real physical forms, sonically constructing earth-shattering bass waves as the foundations for ambient touches of drone and shimmering digital minimalism. Subtle touches of field recording synthesise loops of kinetic energy that blend to form a physical wave of music that at once appeals to the body and the mind. Epic restless chords creates pieces that fuses the classic Raster-Noton digitalism with Lippoks post-rock distortion, creating a dancefloor slaying track that drags you back for repeated listens. A must.


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