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Solfo / PIAS · AT

Friday 27.04 · 21:55h ·

Only 21 years old and Anja Plaschg already among to the selected group of artists with most future in the european music scene. Soap&Skin began playing the piano at 7 years old, and at 14 she saw as the label Shitkatapult included her first composition in a compilation. Since then Anja has forged his not easily imitable and own world. A world that rotates around the axis drawn by modern classical, dark ambient and chamber pop with electronic arrangements. “Narrow”, her second lp, has just seen the light and will be presented at L.E.V. 2012 in a “must” concert for all those that vibrate when the music comes emotion

“Lovetune for autumnn” (PIAS, 2009), was her presentation work when she reached the 18 years. The work that perfectly sums up the sound universe of Soap&Skin. An essential album with a huge sensibility where the voice of Anja discovers powerful and heartrending, intimate and emotional. Planning on minimalist keyboards and shaping enviroments full of epic and darkness, gloomy and melancholy, and sometimes extremely violent and full of rage, depression and oppresion. This is melodramatic pop of last generation.




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Soap&Skin – Boat Turns Toward The Port

Soap&Skin – Wonder