L.E.V. 2013

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual



Workshop Red Bull Music Academy: Clark. The WIRE: Enhanced performances & It’s getting dark here.

Workshop Red Bull Music Academy: Clark.

The Visual Electronic Laboratory works since its second edition together with the Red Bull Music Academy to provide public workshops that bring about an approachment between audience and artist, allowing the creators to share with the public their motivations and feelings, tools and working methods and encouraging in a relaxed environment a fluid dialogue between audience and artist, enabling a better understanding by the public of the various generative processes surrounding audiovisual creation. Monolake & Deadbeat, Daedelus, Mark Pritchard, Various Production,  the creators of Resolume software and the creators of the label Raster Noton: Carsten Nicolai, Frank Bretschneider and Olaf Bender are the names hosted at the previous edition of the festival. 

L.E.V. 2013. will host in its seventh edition another interesting workshop by one of the most interesting artists of the essential Warp Records: Clark. The man behind works as “Clarence Park” (Warp Records, 2003), “Body Riddle” (Warp Records, 2006) or “Totems Flare” (Warp Records, 2009) will give us a workshop focused on his firsts steps in electronic music and will introduce us in the amazing world of music composition with modular synths.

The Red Bull Music Academy workshop will takes place during the saturday 4th of May in the Plataforma0 of LABoral Art Centre and if you would like to take part in this activity you only have to drop us an e-mail with your name and surname and the topic “workshop Red Bull Music Academy” to workshop@levfestival.com before the thursday 2nd of May.

L.E.V. & The Wire: Enhanced performances & It’s getting dark here.

Founded in 1982, WIRE: Adventures in Sound and Music celebrates and interrogates the most visionary and inspiring, subversive and radical, marginalised and undervalued musicians on the planet, past and present, in the realms of avant rock, electronica, hiphop, new jazz, modern composition, traditional musics and beyond.

The Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual and WIRE are pleased to announce two interesting talks during the friday 3 and saturday 4 with some of the artists of L.E.V. 2013:

- Saturday 4: Enhanced Performances: Dance Music, Audio-visual Art And VJ Culture

MFO, Joanie Lemercier and Vincent Oliver discuss the development of performance and narrative in live electronic music. Hosted By The Wire’s Jennifer Lucy Allan

- Friday 3: It’s Getting Dark In Here: Dissonance And Dystopia On The Dancefloor

Emptyset, Roly Porter and Raime on current strains of Industrial and noise musics infiltrating club music. Hosted by The Wire’s Jennifer Lucy Allan.

Jennifer Lucy Allan is The Wire’s online editor.