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Uwe Smith, one of the most influential artists in contemporary audiovisual creation, is the man of a thousand faces.

Smith makes his return to L.E.V. for the worldwide premiere of Deep State, his new a/v live project.

The alma mater of the raster label, alongside with Alva Noto, Byetone and Bretschneider, causes a commotion in the scene with his new project, some years after travelling all over the world playing his spectacular HD. Counting on the peculiar universe of this genius of electronica is a real luxury for our festival.

Since his early musical beginnings in 1985, Uwe Schmidt (Atom™), has earned global notoriety for his vast and variegated projects, number of releases, collaborations and musical styles. His catalogue includes works with and for artists such as Depeche ModeAirBill Laswell and Yellow Magic Orchestra just to name a few.

Originally hailing from Frankfurt, Germany, Uwe Schmidt moved to Santiago de Chile in 1997. After relocating, he released the internationally acclaimed album, El Baile Aleman under the project name Señor Coconut. After its release, El Baile Aleman was licensed internationally in many countries. With a demand in so many places, Señor Coconut began touring worldwide in 2001. In 2006, Señor Coconut was awarded a Quartz 1 Award for best arrangement & composition. To this day, Señor Coconut is still actively touring worldwide.

Amongst countless compositions which have been distributed worldwide, 2008 and 2009 saw Atom™ producing a movie soundtrack for the Hungarian movie Bibliotheque Pascal (with Burnt Friedman as the project Flanger), music for the dance piece Llamame Mariachi for spanish choreographer Maria Ribot which premiered at Centre Pompidou in Paris (November, 2009), and remixes.  He also released the critically acclaimed album, Liedgut (Raster Noton, 2009) which was nominated for Germany’s highest music award, Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik, as well as the 2010 Quartz 6 Award. His latest work HD (Raster Noton, 2013) can be described as Atom™‘s electronic quintessence: a blend of pop, electronic abstraction and powerful grooves – an invention Atom™ stands for and which was popularized through previous release, classics in the electronica genre, such as pop artificielle and others. A work that includes collaborations from friends as Jamie LidellAlva Noto and Marc Behrens among others.

2007 saw the return of Uwe’s live solo performances as Atom™. His show has been evolving ever since and includes him playing audio and video in realtime, using a very small technical setup on stage. He has performed this solo show all around the world. Premiering in Tokyo in 2007, he’s since played Mutek Festival in Montreal, Offf Festival in Lissabon, Madrid, Sonar Barcelona, Roundhouse London, Transmediale Berlin and many other places evolving it since Liedgut to his last acclaimed HD. His live show is dynamic and he continually updates and renews the material.



Friday 27 April


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