CICADA is violist Sara Muñiz and programmer Jose A. Rilla ’s musical project, both song writers and performers with an extensive background as collaborators in important spanish indie projects such as Pablo Und Destruktion, Melange, Captains, Nacho Vegas, Manta Ray or Viva Las Vegas .

Their homonymous debut album, self-published under the label Framily and mixed by Óscar Mulero , offers a dreamlike journey in which electronic and acoustic instruments act as vehicles used to traverse a path full of crossroads and ever changing slopes.

Bridging gaps between media, disciplines, techniques and technologies, their carefully devised sound offers a mapless exploration through elements and milestones that bolster our most hermetic past with our most cryptic present.

Hypnotic drones, winding viola loops and tight polyrhythms form an invitation to transit between different states of consciousness, in an intense itinerary that ranges from abstraction and introspection to ecstatic, atavic dance.