Claro Intelecto

Delsin. Uk

Delsin has released the new long player from Manchester’s Claro Intelecto. Entitled Exhilarator and landing in November 2017, the 13 track album marks a return to action for the esteemed producer.
Claro Intelecto is Mark Stewart, an artist who has mixed up techno, house and IDM into his own unique forms since 2003. Modern Love and Delsin have been his primary homes, and the latter continues to keep his debut EP, Peace of Mind, on the shelves as demand has never waned since first reissuing it in 2003. Stewart’s last creative period from 2011 to 2013 saw him put out a couple of EPs as well as the Reform Club album in 2012 and tour dates round the world.
But now he is back with renewed motivation and clarity and has set about making music with more variation and less concern for what people might expect from him. The result is another cinematic album of icy techno, weighty bass and poignant melody.
From plaintive keys and slow motion drums awash with melody to corrugated industrial drums that don’t let up, this is a diverse album in both mood and texture. Moments of ambient celestial beauty exist next to breezy and summery grooves while skewed and sludgy acid sits next to serene underwater dub. All in all, then, Stewart’s mission to step outside his usual self has resulted in another
landmark electronic album.



Friday 27 April