Enrique Tomás


‘A Moment of Transition’ is a live electronic performance produced with digital instruments whose form or shape has been inspired by certain sound gestures. Through the action of the hand, these instruments called “embodied gestures” are activated and enable manipulation of musical information. At this concert, Enrique Tomás shows us how much our body is in fact responsible for creating those ‘moments of transition’ between objects and music. The result of this encounter: a live performance made of abstract sound materials and resonant deep textures.

Enrique Tomás is a sound artist and researcher who dedicates his time to finding new ways of expression and play with sound, art and technology.

His work explores the intersection between sound art, computer music, locative media and human-machine interaction. He has exhibited and performed throughout Europe and America at the spaces of ZKM, CTM, Ars Electronica, Sónar, SMAK, STEIM, etc. Tomás is also an active researcher on the field of new interfaces for musical expression.

He is affiliated to the Interface Cultures and Tangible Music Lab of the University of Art and Design of Linz, and his research has been presented at international peer-reviewed conferences. His artistic work has been supported and awarded with scholarships by Telefónica Vida, Phonos Foundation, the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna, the ENCAC Network, the Cannes Corporative Film Festival, CTM (ENCAC) and the Art Council of Madrid.




Sunday 29

Paraninfo / Auditorium

Laboral City of Culture

2 passes: 17:00 and 18:00h

Free access. Limited capacity.