Gnomalab began his journey in the audiovisual world at the end of the nineties, a scene which has grown up and reinvented itself in a very intense way, where Juanjo has pursued a career full of projects and collaborations with many different artists.

During the last years he has focused on researching and producing new formats, as video mapping, while balancing this activity with his teaching assignments. But from 2017 on, he decided to resume his work as VJ, and to start various riskier, more experimental projects, such as his works with Loppkio or Pina.

For his collaboration with Lusine, at the request of L.E.V. Festival, Gnomalab will develop his particular vision of Sensorimotor, a brighter and more colorful performance than his usual work, but not less experimental, that marks the triumphant comeback of one of the greatest names in the audiovisual scene.



Saturday 28 April


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