Michela Pelusio


Creative Italian artist Michela Pelusio will also join our roster with her interpretation of quantum physics in her Spacetime Helix project, a fascinating attempt at visualizing sounds to explore the concept of infinity and the “string theory”, through a set of frequencies and visual and sound geometries.

Quantum physics meets audiovisual experimentation in Michela Pelusio’s performances and installations: interactive creations that bend space, light, matter and sound into malleable immersive environments.

SpaceTime Helix is a performance with an opto-acoustic instrument designed by Michela Pelusio. The work explores helical symmetries and infinity, frequencies and geometry, sonic visions and perceptions. The helix is a spinning standing wave in a white string, forming a large helicoid up to the ceiling. Its surface is bright and transparent, with waves running over it, disappearing into the future, more and more distant in space-time.

Pelusio’s work mines human perception and its relationship to art and science, delving into her studies of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara and a Master of ArtScience from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, focusing on synesthetics and and the atmospheric spirit, Genius loci, of spaces. She’s also the founder of ResidenceSEA, a multi-disciplinary artist residence on Crete. Pelusio has created environmental installations in South Korea, tuned aeolian strings to the Pythagorian musical scale, and used a sculpted lens to reflect sunlight into a rounded room where wind plays on stringed instruments.

With SpaceTime Helix, Pelusio uses a console and wearable interface to control her opto-acoustic instrument, a suspended sculptural object animated by light, sound and touch. The translucent wave climbs and arcs towards the ceiling as minimal sounds harmonize with its flux, the performances never the same way twice. Pelusio has travelled solo and collaboratively with SpaceTime Helix, reworking the project for unique spaces and contexts.

Nowadays, our image of the world is seen and perceived through an objective almost more than through actual experience. This works is a metaphor for the return to the root of things, and to the simplicity and the complexity of the macro and microcosmos, the internal and external space, the architecture of the mind and the architecture of nature. The performance forges a malleable kinetic sculpture that bends space, light, matter and sound into a hypnotic experience for the viewer. A natural phenomenon which is almost a miracle right in front of your eyes. Magic and non-recordable.

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