OKKRE is the new personal project of Uge Pañeda, composer and producer of the female duo LCC (Editions Mego), after exploring the decontextualization of club dynamics and techno music with choreographer Aimar Perez Galí in a dance performance Épica, she returns to experimental sonorities presenting in world premiere her new project “Arkhé”at L.E.V., 40 minutes of unpublished music structured in 4 acts, 4 atmospheres.

Arkhé is a project with a deep classical inspiration where the author brings together two of her weaknesses, classical and opera music with Heraclitus philosopher “The Obscure from Ephesus”

It ́s an artistic piece based on the representation through sound, light and color of the four fundamental elements and its original according to Heraclitus. The “Fire // Logos” understood as dynamics, movement that flows and opposes giving rise to the other three, connecting them each other.

OKKRE represents the immersion in a creative process based on the coexistence of her different personalities and musical sensibilities, it is the polyhedron that embrace various faces of the same figure in interaction with diverse artistic expressions.

LCC´s second album, ‘Bastet’, recorded and produced in EMS Stockholm, IAC Malmö and her studio in Gijón, it has been world-premiered at Sónar Festival like A/V show with the visual artist Pedro Maia and followed by other festivals like Atonal Berlin or Mutek Mexico.

In this way, she is collaborating with the choreographer Aimar Peraz Galí producing an unprecedented music piece for ‘Epica’, a dance performance produced by Mercat de les Flors in collaboration with Sónar Festival. The performance talks about how the bodies get a liberation through different patterns and electronic music. The score has just been released on vinyl by MOM

Shortly her ‘KBN Rmx’ will be released which is part of the ‘Empty airport Rmxs’ by Chra among other artist like Fennesz on Editions Mego.

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