RBMA Studio Science:Moritz Simon Geist


Studio Science is a series of workshops and educational videos created by Red Bull Music Academy, focused on showing the creative processes of some of the most creative minds in contemporary electronic music, such as Jamie Lidell, Suzanne Ciani, among others.

On L.E.V. 2018, Sonic Robots will occupy the old kitchen of the Laboral building (an incredible, historical space which is only open to the public on very special occasions), to share with the audience his particular creative process based on robotics, artificial intelligence and the composition of sound in real time.

Moritz Simon Geist is one of the most fascinating creators in the DIY scene. This musician and robotics engineer has been working for a long time on topics such as how we perceive technology, the robotization of society and artificial intelligence.

In the Studio Science he will host in Gijón, Moritz will show the audience how he works with robots to create sounds, how to make a set up with robots, and the idea of sound in real time using objects.

Inscriptions: studioscience.es@redbull.com

*Limited capacity



Saturday 28 April

Old Kitchen

Laboral City of Culture