Moritz Simon Geist


Moritz Simon Geist aka Sonic Robots, one of the most fascinating creators in the new DIY scene, will present his project Tripods One with the collaboration of Red Bull Music Academy at LEV.

His new performance where electronic music is created by Robots!

Well known for the giant Drum Robot “MR-808” the techno-robot pioneer Moritz Simon Geist aka Sonic Robots presents an exciting new performance. He explores the in-between of robotic noisery, the inner sound of mechanics – and live robotic bass music!

“Tripods One” is a futuristic robotic sound sculpture turned music robot. It sketches a possible future of human-machine interaction – with robots and electronic music.

The kinetic sculpture is played live as a music instrument in an AV-performance. Small mechanics and physical tone-generators insides the sculpture produce the noises used in the musical context. The sculpture envisions a futuristic sound device which plays contemporary electronic music through music robots. In the performance, the artist is still present on stage controlling and interacting with the machine.

The performance was developed together with electronica pioneers “Mouse On Mars” and is visually accompanied by a VJ-setup.

“Sonic Robots is treating some important questions of the future, like the perception of technology, the robotization of society or the artificial intelligence, but still comes in a very playful and entertaining way: through electronic music.” (ARTE)